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It is always amazing to see how seemingly little things can make such a great impact. Many people buy and chew gum mindlessly not realizing that the little piece taken for fun and pleasure contains plastic and can pose a threat to the environment.

The plastic polymers that are used in regular chewing gums are the same as those found in car tyres and plastic bottles. This means that the gum can’t biodegrade so it could be stuck in our streets and other places forever.

These pieces of gum combined are the second most common form of litter in the world and generate around 100,000 tonnes of global waste a year. The microplastics from waste gum can also reach the oceans, where it can be consumed by sea life, and subsequently make its way into our food chain.

True Gum is fully plastic free, inside and out. Photo Credit: True Gum

One company thinks we can do better

An innovative startup called True Gum believes that the world deserves better and is producing gum that is totally free from plastic. It is 100% plant based from the gum to its flavors and packaging.

True Gum set out to change the use of plastic which is at the core of conventional gum. They swapped out the plastic for natural tree sap from the Central American sapodilla tree. The gum sap called chicle is harvested using a technique that has been practiced by Chicleros for hundreds of years.

A Chiclero harvesting gum sap without cutting down the tree. Photo Credit: True Gum

This is what makes True Gum unique and stand out from the pack:

  • Plastic free gum: No hidden plastic here – instead we use chicle, a sap from gum trees.
  • Biodegradable: Synthetics? Never. All pieces are fully biodegradable.
  • Vegan certified: Plant-based all the way through. Refreshing and great tasting.
  • Sugar free: Free from sugar, with ingredients that are good for your teeth.

The company has made a big U-turn from the plastic packaging typically used by gum producers and has instead opted for cardboard boxes which are colorfully illustrated and inspired by the various ingredients used in each gum variety.

Raw chicle, used to give True Gum its gumminess. Photo Credit: True Gum

Its equally exciting to know that True Gum is a socially responsible gum:

  • As the process does not require trees to be cut down, chicle is a sustainable resource.
  • It helps conserve the forest, whilst supporting local communities and farmer cooperatives.
  • Using this tree sap also provides a natural and plant-based alternative to conventional plastic bases.
Enjoy True Gum, made responsibly and sustainably with passion. Photo Credit: True Gum

True Gum is now available in different flavors including mint, ginger & turmeric, liquorice & eucalyptus and raspberry & vanilla. It is proudly made in Denmark.

Thanks to True Gum, people no longer need to give up chewing gum totally for the good of the environment. There is a now a plastic free, biodegradable and sustainable alternative.


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