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Composting is great and I am a big fan, but it isn’t the only option for some of your kitchen scraps. If you’ve always wanted to do some gardening for yourself and grow some of your own vegetables, then here is a good place to start.

I came across this very practical and helpful piece and it no doubt going to offer you some good advice particularly for growing lettuce, mint, basil, green onions, celery, onions and garlic. It is titled “How to Turn Your Vegetable Scraps into Vegetables Again.” Check it out here:

Here are a few additional tips to guide you:

  • Start small and expand as you learn and grow.
  • The right soil is essential. Opt for soft and nutrient rich loamy soil.
  • Remember to space your plants properly otherwise they will compete for sunlight, water, nutrition and fail to mature.
  • Get high quality seeds. Your plants are only a product of the seeds you sow.
  • Plants grown for their leaves do not always require a lot of direct sunlight. Ensure that your plants get adequate sunlight.
  • Remember to water your plants after planting in the soil and provide adequate drainage at the bottom.
  • Apart for the onion and garlic, do not cover the entire ‘scrap’ when planting. Do leave up to 1 inch above the soil but ensure that roots are completely covered.

For additional tips and helpful info, check out: TLC for Plants & gardens.


See you on the greener side of life!

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