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There has been a lot of noise about it and I’m sure you’ve heard it too. Some say its true, others call it a hoax. Some totally ignore it and for others, it is a full-time endeavour. As briefly as possible, lets discuss Climate Change and a few things you need to answer this all-important question:

What is it? – Climate Change can be defined as a long-term shift in weather conditions such as temperature, wind and precipitation. It is a long-term trend based on long-term data and records.

What causes it? – This change can be caused by natural processes and/or human activity. Throughout the earth’s long history, its climate has changed due to natural processes. However, man arrived on the scene and the whole equation started to change. Current Climate Change is linked mostly to the burning of fossil fuels and its release of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

What has changed? – Since 1880, the following have:

  • Global temperature has risen by 1.7oF
  • Sea level has risen by 3.4 millimeters per year
  • Carbon dioxide has risen by 404.07 parts per million
  • Arctic Ice minimum has fallen by 13.4% per decade
  • Land Ice has fallen by 281.0 Gigatonnes per year.

Why should I care? – Climate Change will affect everyone, everywhere but to varying degrees and in various manners. Generally, it is expected to result in increased drought, heavy rains, thunder storms and other extreme events. It will affect agriculture and food supply, livelihoods, disease prevalence and natural habitats.

Why does it matter? – This time, human lives are involved – this is the game changer. This is why we cannot ignore this particular climate change.

What should I do?Get informed: There is a lot of information, facts, data, analysis and statistics available  on Climate Change. Get involved: When we all act, we all win. Find out relevant adaptation and mitigation strategies for your geographical area and other activities. Live like you care.

As you do, please spread the word!



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