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An Okra Plant in bloom

Making a change to become more environmental-friendly is sometimes life altering or even drastic. However, there are several simple changes that anyone can make, at their own pace that is better for the earth.
I’ll like to share of few of those that I think are cut-crossing. So no matter where you are or how much time you have, there is something you will find that works for you.
1. PLANT A TREE/ KEEP AN INDOOR PLANT: There are few things that give as much joy as watching a plant grow and flourish under your care. Besides its aesthetic properties, certain indoor plants offer health and other benefits. With a little effort you can find the most ideal for your home or office and climatic conditions.
Yes go ahead. Plant a tree – even if you don’t sit under it or eat its fruit, others will!
2. PRINT ONLY WHEN NECESSARY: I know it is tempting and often convenient, but it is better for our trees and forests if you only print when it is absolutely necessary.
3. BURN LESS FUEL: You can do this by taking a walk or riding a bicycle over short distances. Alternatively, try carpooling, using public transport and using eco-friendly vehicles. In most cases, you will be burning less fossil-fuel and cash simultaneously.
4. EAT LESS MEAT: Rearing of cattle and other livestock produce a relatively large amount of greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. Many studies also show that cutting your meat consumption also offers health benefits.


5. SWITCH OFF APPLIANCES: Before you leave home or work, switch off all electrical appliances. In this way, you will be reducing the risks associated with power surges and cutting your energy consumption.
6. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE (3Rs) & UPCYCLE: Make a conscious attempt to reduce, reuse and recycle especially for your non-biodegradable materials like plastics. Take it a step further by upcycling – finding new and exciting ways to modify and use ‘waste’ and old items.
7. SUPPORT GREEN INITIATIVES: There are now several groups, projects, organisations and other initiatives working towards protecting the environment. Join and support the one(s) that you can most relate to.

Remember, it only counts if you DO. So, start acting now!
Cheers to a greener you!

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