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Although we have heard about the negative impacts of air pollution, many people lack access to quality and reliable data concerning their air quality. Often times, people only realize how bad the situation is after it has deteriorated significantly or started manifesting through reduced visibility or health complications.

Airly′s aim is to empower communities by letting people see how good, or bad, the air they breathe really is. Armed with this information, together we can protect this most essential of life-substances and guard it for future generations.

The company′s goal is to make air quality visible and understandable to all, because knowledge and education are the first steps towards successfully tackling air quality problems.

Here′s why you should care about your air quality and what Airly is doing to help us

91% of people breathe polluted airExposure to polluted air increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma.Airly is building a dense network of sensors around the globe to increase understanding and awareness of the problems we face.  
Damaging every organ in the bodyAir quality can impact all areas of our health. From heart and lung diseases to diabetes, dementia, cancers, brittle bones and damaged skin. Fertility, fetuses and children are also affected.  My Airlys real time map view and pollution forecast, helps you to take care of yourself, friends and family members.
Associated with 23% of child bronchitis casesBabies and children are particularly vulnerable to air pollution as their lungs are still growing and developing.MyAirly equips you with real time data on air quality. This enables you to set alerts that signal when pollution levels are too high, so you can take action to minimize he impact on your health.  
8% global rise in air pollutionBetween 2008-2013 air quality around the world deteriorated, particularly in poorer cities. The impact has not just been seen on the health of humans but animals and the environment too.  Airlys network of sensors builds up a picture over time so you can see the problems and monitor progress.
7 million premature deaths a yearAir pollution is the fourth-leading risk factor for deaths worldwide. Higher than HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined.  Airlys historic data tracks patterns and hotspots empowering you to make changes to your local community.
$Billions in lost revenue annuallyBillions are sacrificed in revenue each year due to lost labour income from sickness and death. Productivity levels amongst workers also increases 5-6% when air pollution levels are rated as “good.”Airly sensors detect local pollution levels and provide accurate information on air quality. This data can be used to implement changes, for a happier, healthier workforce.

Accurate air quality data is essential for effective action towards improving the air around us. Airly provide tools that help to improve the lives of individuals and whole communities. They create innovative and effective tools for measuring the air quality. Providing the most reliable, real-time data about air pollution to the largest possible number of people.

Why don’t you check out Airly′s website or use the app to see the air quality in your area right now!


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