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  1. Do not look upon me

With shame, pity or sadness

Do not despise my sad ugly state

For I have not always been this way


  1. Once upon a time

My leaves were green and shiny

Colourful flowers graced my head

And my crown was of delicious fruits

  1. Once upon a time

My rivers flowed with clean water

Fresh and refreshing was each breath of air

Many were the wildlife in my big forests


  1. Once upon a time

Seas were a beauty to behold

Void of plastic, oil or all that spoil

Fish were plenty as birds were happy

  1. So I appeal to you

If I have ever made you smile

If you have found comfort under my shade

Or pleasure in my many shades and shapes


  1. So I appeal to you

If you desire my joy and wellbeing

As much as I cherish your health and laughter

Arise and plead my case, let me find a saviour in you.


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