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I’m sure you’ve come across that cloud that looks like an object that you can identify; how about rocks and plants and so many others that seem to come alive? We all know the twin-bananas, twin-plantains and twin-onions.

There are a few exciting ones I know and will like to share:

Zuma Rock, Nigeria
  1. Zuma Rock in Nigeria appears to have a human face. One can easily point out the visible eyes, nose, mouth and other features. As you drive by, the rock appears to follow your gaze. Spooky…lol…
  2. A Rock in Koma, Adamawa, Nigeria has the form of a lady. This one looks so real that some locals believe it was carved by some Spirits.
Twin Plantain

I have come to the conclusion that nature definitely has a sense of humour.

Which other interesting and fascinating ones do you know?

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