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In many cultures, fish is an important part of the human diet. It is also a major source of protein, Omega-3 and other essential nutrients. For some people, fish plays an important role in their history and identity too.

Seeing that these water creatures mean so much to the earth and a lot of people, it is important to pay proper attention to their well-being and sustainable use.

There already exists a wide range of local and national rules and regulations covering a wide range of areas in this regard. They provide guidance and specifications on the type and sizes of fishing nets that can be used, minimum fish size that can be harvested and rules for individual species as applicable.

It is therefore our individual responsibilities to find out the fishing regulations in our localities and avoid patronizing fish and other aquatic species that are not harvested correctly.

So now you know not to buy fish that is not harvested correctly.

Let’s fish for today, tomorrow and the day after.

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