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Some people associate environmentalists and activists with ‘weird’ stuff. People who are obsessed with trees or just plain crazy. The whole thing appears fuzzy and out-of-reach.

In reality, the call to be more environmentally-responsible is not necessarily always drastic. It does not entail living in a cave or giving up meat entirely and abruptly. It is merely an invitation into more response-ive and response-able living. Making conscious choices and decisions, everyday, that are better for our planet.

Mankind has come a long way and we are all proud of our accomplishments. However, many of these have come at a price, unfortunately, mostly borne by the earth. It wouldn’t make any sense to ignore them or pretend that they don’t exist seeing that only one ‘earth’ exists, at least as far as we know.

Pink Rose

So, the simple answer is NO; it is not always complicated, at least for most people. With  a little effort, there are simple lifestyle changes that can ultimately translate into greater good (7 STEPS TO GREENER LIVING).

Relax, no one is asking humanity to return to the Stone-Age. It is simply just a call to everyone to take full responsibility, and the necessary action to prevent further harm to the home that has given us so much and allowed us to live, and thrive and prosper. Join your voice to call on Governments, policy and decision makers to take a stand and act now for our sake, and for generations unborn.

Will you care to act now?

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