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Its hard to describe the calming peace that one can find in the green. A simple walk through the woods, sitting in a garden or just lying on lush grasses can have the most incredible effect on one’s mind and soul.

It is this beautiful feeling that makes me want to have some green with me and around me all the time. It drives me to want to almost always capture the beauty of plants on a camera.

Little wonder that this gift can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. With just a seed and good soil, any person can enjoy this universal gift. Interestingly, its magic never wears out even with time or age. A little child is as fascinated and enthralled as the old man who has planted many trees.


Personally, I derive great joy in nurturing any plant and cherish the joy that it gives. I consider it a great blessing to watch it grow and thrive. It also promotes a sense of discipline, order and responsibility because it requires consistent care and devotion.

It is always soothing to have green around you to remind you that there is always hope. Even before a leaf grows yellow, wilts and dies, another is born. After winter or the dry season, the leaves and flowers slowly begin to reemerge. Nothing demonstrates the value and virtue of timing and patience like many plants do.

Whether it’s a big outdoor tree or portable indoor plant, you will greatly enjoy each moment that a new leaf is born. The length and spread of its branches will inspire you.  You will find indescribeable pleasure when its flowers bloom. Words will never fully describe the way you will relish every bite of its juicy fruits.

An inspiration to find big and small ways, everywhere and in everything, to consciously live a greener life, and help others do the same.


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