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Everyone deserves to know about matters of the earth and how they affect them. My Heart Beats Green is designed to educate and inspire you to find and do more for the earth every day. We hope it will stimulate healthy and informed dialogues, and encourage greener innovations.

Suzanne Myada is an environmentalist, writer, aspiring dog-owner & more who is striving to get better, greener, wiser and happier each day.

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WEF: Here are 5 of the biggest threats to our oceans, and how we can solve them

Today, 8th June, 2018 is World Ocean’s Day! The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published an amazing article on the 5 biggest threats to our oceans and what we can do to solve them. Happy Reading! Oceans cover 70% of the earth’s surface. Image: The Ocean Agency/ XL Catlin Seaview Survey Oceans cover 70% of the […]


Today, 5th June, 2018 is the World Environment Day with the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution.” A better theme couldn’t have been chosen to address one of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges – Plastic Pollution! Many individuals, groups and organisations are coming together to mark the day, organize and attend events of various kinds. There […]


The global plastic problem is a massive problem, but one that has prompted many to try and find a solution. One of such initiatives is The New Plastics Economy, an initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which brings together key players including innovators and manufacturers, to rethink and redesign the future of plastics, starting with packaging. […]

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